I Am Ready For Love. Are You?

I’ve been in an India Arie State of mind lately…. I was thinking about how rad the lyrical content of her song “Video” was….and how when it first came out, how refreshing and empowering it was for me and for so many other women. India loved herself AS IS and wanted us to love ourselves too…. in many ways she gave us permission. What a fucking concept.

Then I couldn’t help but wish those feelings for all the other lil women in this newer generation…..I thought to myself  “someone should fucking cover that”. Some young girl – and pass on that lil torch of love and light and empowerment and all that good stuff.  From where I’m sitting we could definitely use it, or something like it. I wanna hear from someone who doesn’t think being ignorant is cool. Please don’t get me wrong, party music is cool and I love shaking my ass to songs about shaking my ass…. it doesn’t always have to be deep….but i watched a new video last night…and man… this chick was waving her ass around in the air – holding piles of junk food, singing about a bunch of fucking nothing –  the main theme basically being that she’s proud to be ignorant, drunk and oh, by the way, she’d really like it if you would fuck her – and then somehow linked this whole thing to a form of patriotism. Yes. That makes perfect sense. That’s all very patriotic. Um.. WHAT?  Confused? Me too. Not that this is really cool at any age but I think what really rubbed me about it is that this was from a grown woman – not a young girl …. but that’s definitely who she’s selling her wares to….which made it all that more uncomfortable to watch. I’m all for celebrating a lil debauchery with some like minded adults, but pitching all that to kids? Come on.  I also happen to know that this chick is beautiful, powerful and capable. Maybe she just doesn’t know it.

Anywho…. I really do wanna focus this little blurb on love ….and I guess watching that video last night made me think of all the little girls who might see it and all the countless other garbage that constantly gets hurled at them and wish for them the same feeling I got when I heard the lyrics to “Video” for the first time.  I felt safety. I felt Solidarity. Most importantly, for the first time in my life, I felt like I was “enough”.

So, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Miss India Arie, and I’m positive I speak on behalf of many many women as I say this: Thank you for loving us and teaching us how to love ourselves and each other.

I urge other women out there -young and old –  take these messages to heart and spread em. Love yourselves, Love your sisters.

I leave you folks now with “Video” and another favourite of mine “I am ready for love” (which is so good at the 3:18 mark i always squeal a little)


thanks for reading.



Prophet cuts a rug, then shit gets real….real Zombie ish.



This is Prophet. He is 2 and he is rad. Obviously. His awesome parents just got married on the beach so he decided to cut a rug in the sand. Then he started auditioning for the Walking Dead. Luckily I was there to catch it all on camera.

If you need to put a label on it…..

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Why you should pre order the album directly from me:

Everything Is Expensive is almost here!

My new baby is on the way, folks. 18 days away!

As some of you may already know, I launched a PledgeMusic campaign where you can pre-order the album for $10.


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If you’re not used to using PledgeMusic – trust me – it’s a totally safe way to order music – the guys who run it were musicians themselves and they’ve created quite the compelling company.

Buying direct from me this way instead of waiting for iTunes, Amazon, etc. helps me tremendously:

iTunes and most of the other major online music stores take 30% of the purchase price from artists – PledgeMusic only takes 15%.

And now that we’ve reached our goal on PledgeMusic, the charity element has kicked in, so a portion of every sale now goes to The Van Ness Recovery House. So you help me, and I get to pay it forward!

Also worth noting: Every album download from PledgeMusic is counted towards SoundScan (the sales tracking system that the Billboard charts use) – and they’ll all contribute to my first week of sales. So, if we get, say 2500 pre-orders, I could very well end up on the Billboard HeatSeekers chart – which would generate a huge amount of notice for me and help me immensely.

There are roughly 23,000 of you on my twitter, 15,000 on my facebook.

Some of you are new, but most of you are my soldiers that have been riding with me from day 1.

Well this is a call to arms, I need you right now.

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Imagine if even only a 3rd of you pre-ordered the record from me??  – It could very well change my life.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, and I hope you love the album because as per usual, I put my whole heart and soul into it.

love, always.


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(thanks Karen)

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#HappyJewYear (don’t be offended, it’s punny)

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Great. I just peed my pants.

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Princess Furious.

Who likes free stuff?

Download ‘Over’

Francis lyrics per request…

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