Why you should pre order the album directly from me:

Everything Is Expensive is almost here!

My new baby is on the way, folks. 18 days away!

As some of you may already know, I launched a PledgeMusic campaign where you can pre-order the album for $10.


This ends in 18 days.

Please don’t be intimidated by some of the more expensive Pledge items I’ve made available… What would really help  the most is if every one of you make the $10 pledge for the album download, or the $15 CD.  – Please note that an as indie artist outside of Canada, I do not have a deal in place for physical distribution yet, which means the physical CD may not be avail outside of Canada after this for a while….So if you live outside of Canada and you want a physical CD at a decent price, now is the time to order it.

If you’re not used to using PledgeMusic – trust me – it’s a totally safe way to order music – the guys who run it were musicians themselves and they’ve created quite the compelling company.

Buying direct from me this way instead of waiting for iTunes, Amazon, etc. helps me tremendously:

iTunes and most of the other major online music stores take 30% of the purchase price from artists – PledgeMusic only takes 15%.

And now that we’ve reached our goal on PledgeMusic, the charity element has kicked in, so a portion of every sale now goes to The Van Ness Recovery House. So you help me, and I get to pay it forward!

Also worth noting: Every album download from PledgeMusic is counted towards SoundScan (the sales tracking system that the Billboard charts use) – and they’ll all contribute to my first week of sales. So, if we get, say 2500 pre-orders, I could very well end up on the Billboard HeatSeekers chart – which would generate a huge amount of notice for me and help me immensely.

There are roughly 23,000 of you on my twitter, 15,000 on my facebook.

Some of you are new, but most of you are my soldiers that have been riding with me from day 1.

Well this is a call to arms, I need you right now.

If you’re sick and tired of the sh%t on the radio – THIS is how you change it. Let your voice be heard for the music you think deserves to be heard.

Imagine if even only a 3rd of you pre-ordered the record from me??  – It could very well change my life.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, and I hope you love the album because as per usual, I put my whole heart and soul into it.

love, always.


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